Please pay special attention to below informations, to ensure that your watch gives you absolute satisfaction for as long as you have it.

Direct contact with spray such as hairspray, perfumes, detergents may cause damage to your watch.

Please follow below recommendations to be able to use better your leather strap as long as you use it.
1) avoid soaking your strap in water.
2) avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
3) avoid contact with solvents, detergents and cosmetic products.

To maintain attractive appearance of your watch, clean the case and bracelet in fresh water and dry it with soft cloth.

Extreme temperature can critically change the performance of your watch. Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures ( above 60°C/ 140 °F and below 0 °C/ 32 °F ) such temperatures or extreme temperature changes can be damage to your watch

Magnets can cause your watch to run slow, fast or completely stop. We recommend that you avoid exposing it to magnetic fields such as; computers, speakers, refrigerators, etc.

To protect your watch from water, please pay attention to below water resistant activity chart.
1 ATM - 10 METER :  Suitable for hand and face washing.
3 ATM - 30 METER :  Suitable for hand, face and car washing.
5 ATM - 50 METER :  Suitable for hand, face, car washing and swimming.
10 ATM - 100 METER : Suitable for hand, face, car washing, swimming and snorkeling.
20 ATM - 200 METER : Suitable for hand, face, car washing, swimming, snorkeling and diving.